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SDVoE Alliance Demonstrates Multi-vendor Interoperability of AV-over-IP Endpoints at Integrate 2021

MONTREAL — At Integrate 2021 (Sydney, July 21-23, stand A3) the SDVoE Alliance® will feature a comprehensive demonstration of an SDVoE™ network. The system consists of four 4K displays arranged in a 2×2 video wall powered by a NETGEAR M4300 Series 10Gb switch along with a mix of receivers, transceivers and transmitters from Christie, ZeeVee, Aurora Multimedia and iMAGsystems, all connected using Siemon cabling. The demo is controlled by iMAGsystems’ Director software, leveraging the common SDVoE API™ to control endpoints from any SDVoE product manufacturer.

“The SDVoE Alliance is exhibiting at Integrate in Australia for the first time ever and we’re thrilled to be back to in-person tradeshows,” said Gerry Wilkins, APAC representative of the SDVoE Alliance. “We have an amazing demonstration for visitors that clearly shows it’s time to leave the matrix switch behind us. Our industry’s future is Ethernet, and this demonstration illustrates that SDVoE delivers that future with the performance we’ve come to expect, and capabilities not previously imagined. Today’s successful AV implementations are focused on experience, not on bits and bytes. The SDVoE platform makes it simple to deliver an experience unmatched by any other technology, old or new.”

Key takeaways from the SDVoE demonstration include proof that SDVoE provides:

  • Multi-vendor interoperability that reduces the risk of stranded investment as business needs change (A mix of hardware from Christie, NETGEAR, ZeeVee, Aurora Multimedia, iMAGsystems and Siemon will all be part of the SDVoE demonstration.)
  • Bi-directional 4K video through a single endpoint
  • Built-in multiview compositing capability without added hardware
  • Synchronized video wall processing that eliminates image tearing and motion jitter
  • Instant switching for seamless content transitions
  • Image scaling without the usual one- or two-frame latency penalty
  • A standardized API that makes it simple to manage SDVoE devices
  • Substantial cost saving for installation, maintenance, system changes and expansion

Meet the SDVoE Alliance Members

Gerry Wilkins will be on hand to meet with visitors throughout the show in his dual roles as APAC representative of the SDVoE Alliance and director of business development for Semtech. Representatives from participating member companies will staff the booth each day on a rotating basis.

10-11    NETGEAR – Harry Alipalo

11-12    Siemon – Luke Harmston

12-1     Aurora Multimedia – Michael Good – AV Supply Group

1-2       ZeeVee – Justin Barnard – AV Distributors

2-3       Christie –Wayne Clem

3-4       iMAGsystems – Gerry Raffaut

Attendees may contact Gerry to set up meetings.



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