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Holographic Cartoons Help Reduce Pain Levels

Tartu University Hospital in Estonia put together a case study proving that holographic cartoon characters can help to alleviate fear and worry in kids at hospitals, and make the procedures easier for them and their doctors.

There are two facts we know for sure: children love cartoons, and they get scared easily by medical procedures. As a result, parents and doctors spend more time soothing the young patients at each appointment. Regular 2D cartoons cannot distract kids from their worries, as they’re too used to LED screens.

This is why KNM EESTI, the exclusive HYPERVSN Distributor in Estonia, and Tartu University Hospital decided to showcase holographic cartoon characters in the neurology department’s procedure room, to see if it has any positive effect.

51 children with 28 different diagnoses participated in the study, and their pain levels were assessed by the nurses with the FLACC pain scale, before and after looking at the 3D visuals. The HYPERVSN Solo L was displaying 31 different 3D animations of cartoon characters, magical forests, Easter bunnies, etc.

The results showed that thanks to the holographic distraction, children’s pain levels were reduced by 95%. Not only did it significantly reduce the children’s fear, but also increased the work efficiency of the doctors and nurses: kids were now sitting still and medical staff didn’t have to deal with their panicking – as a result, they can attend to more patients daily.

“After the experiment several nurses shared how upon entering the room, kids were tense and slightly shaking and then, after looking at HYPERVSN, they would smile, relax and start guessing what it is they’re seeing.” Says Alfred Dudar, Co-Founder of KNM EESTI, Exclusive HYPERVSN Distributor in Estonia.

Tartu University Hospital became the first in the country to introduce HYPERVSN. After the successful study, the holographic devices are used in procedure and operations rooms in six of the largest hospitals in Tallinn, Tartu, and Parnu and there’s more interest coming in from other medical facilities across the country.

If you want to learn more about the various applications of HYPERVSN technology in Healthcare and other industries, please visit the website or send an email to


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