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Barix Adds Advanced Scheduling Features to RetailPlayer Background Music System

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Barix, audio over IP innovator, expanded its widely-deployed RetailPlayer multi-site background music streaming solution with advanced scheduling features that make it faster and easier for users to configure recurring audio announcements. Barix will showcase the updates at ISE 2022 exhibition, taking place on February 1-4 in Barcelona, Spain.

The RetailPlayer solution allows retail, hospitality, and corporate customers to easily and securely manage streamed music and messages to any number of locations over the internet. Central to RetailPlayer’s advanced scheduling functionality is the new ability to group multiple audio files into sequenced ‘bundles’ that can be scheduled as a single unit. Bundles, as well as individual audio assets, can be scheduled to play out at a fixed interval, on a recurring pattern, or specific calendar dates and times.

“Administrators and managers can now define a playlist-like sequence of announcements that they can easily schedule as a group for one-time or recurring playback,” said Davide Nossa, Product Manager, Barix. “For example, they can set up a series of promotional advertisements to be played out every 15 minutes – with RetailPlayer automatically returning to background music in between – or configure store closing messages to be heard every day at 8:00 pm.”

Local managers can temporarily disable or re-enable individual audio assets through the RetailPlayer Portal. The RetailPlayer Portal is offered under a ‘freemium’ model with all standard features free to use, and premium functionality available through the new RetailHero subscription plan for customers needing additional capabilities. 

To learn more about RetailPlayer and additional pricing, check out Barix’s website.


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