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Broadsign Board of Directors Welcomes AMI Entertainment CEO, Michael Maas

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Out-of-home marketing technology developer Broadsign announced the inclusion of AMI Entertainment CEO Michael Maas to its Board of Directors. Maas will play a vital role in conversations that shape the future of the business.

“I’m a huge believer in the power of out-of-home advertising. Through continued programmatic transformation and technical innovation, it’s a force that I expect will only grow stronger and more relevant in today’s changing world,” Maas shared. “Broadsign has an enormous role to play in that narrative, as it’s quickly becoming the glue that holds all the major players and technologies in the OOH industry together. Burr and team have built a world-class company, and I am honored to join them to help chart future success.”

Maas currently sits at the helm of AMI and its subsidiary NSM Music, Ltd and chairs the board of Vengo Labs. Maas brings a wealth of knowledge to Broadsign, with experience spanning advanced computing; mergers and acquisitions; marketing and communications; and OOH advertising via AMI’s global network of OOH inventory spanning 30,000 locations. Previously, Maas has held senior leadership roles at Microsoft and IBM, consulted for technology firms, and been CEO at gaming companies in both the US and UK

“I’ve known Mike for years, and always admired his ability to steer companies in the right direction before they even realize it’s where they should be heading. He’s a strategic player, whose input and expertise in OOH will help drive us to a more prosperous future,” shared Burr Smith, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Broadsign. “Maas is incredibly well-versed in the OOH industry, and its programmatic maturation, and brings a unique perspective to the team that will challenge us to think differently. We’re thrilled to welcome such an incredible asset to the board.”


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