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Jetbuilt Launching Engineering Scrub

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Jetbuilt adds functionality to require projects are scrubbed by an engineer, enhancing the platform’s sales and project management solution. This optional workflow can be set to occur either before the Proposal stage or the Install stage, where the project will be locked until scrubbed.

“It enforces a technical review as part of the workflow, ensuring every item is approved before it goes out the door,” remarks Tom Peters, Jetbuilt Director of Business Development.

When a salesperson migrates a project to the Engineering stage, a task is automatically created for the engineer assigned to that project. The engineer is notified that the project is ready for review. The engineer can filter the project by locations and systems, approving, swapping, or adding items to the project in order to achieve the designed functionality.

Jetbuilt’s innovative “Comparator” display shows the goal, or contract budget, allowing the engineer to monitor the over-under and stay within budget when possible. The Partial Release function allows the engineer or project manager to release any batch of items that have been approved by the engineer, alerting the purchasing department that certain items are ready to order.

Founder and CEO, Paul Dexter remarks,“ We’re excited to empower companies with this control and reassurance. While this review may be part of their internal workflow, we are thrilled to help enforce and accommodate this within the platform.”

Scrub will be launched at the BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, January 30 – February 3 where Jetbuilt is exhibiting at booth 1336.


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