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Avnu Alliance Releases Market Requirements Research for Wireless TSN

Avnu Alliance today announced the availability of a new white paper addressing market expectations, capabilities, and certification procedures for wireless TSN applications. The new paper identifies the capabilities of wireless TSN-capable networks must implement.

“Time-sensitive networking feature sets and profiles are still evolving,” says Dave Cavalcanti, chair of Avnu’s Wireless TSN (WTSN) working group and principal engineer at Intel. “No network or device, wired or wireless, implements every single TSN feature. With this white paper, the WTSN Working Group is aiming to offer a first look at the application requirements and expected wireless networking capabilities to meet those needs. It is intended to facilitate both discussion and alignment in the industry in this early phase of technology development, trials, and testing.”

For network managers, the white paper also provides models for various WTSN configurations including Wi-Fi, 5G, and hybrid networks across wired and wireless TSN segments.

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“This white paper is an important next step towards an ecosystem,” says Greg Schlechter, president of the Avnu Alliance and technology manager at Intel. “It begins to form a roadmap for the industry, including makers of devices and network components, to meet the market expectations for time-sensitive networking applications that require wired and wireless mediums.”

The white paper, Wireless TSN: Market Expectations, Capabilities & Certification, is now available for download via the Avnu website.

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