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Introducing HYPERVSN SmartV, The Future of Digital Signage

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The future of holographic technology is here thanks to HYPERVSN’s latest product SmartV. The new solution features significant advancements in digital signage and holographs, including the ability to connect the HYPERVSN SmartV solutions via an onboard HDMI connection. The inclusion of the HDMI also means that HYPERVSN SmartV can now be used to display both 2D and 3D content. 

“We’ve spent the last three years completely redesigning the previous generation of HYPERVSN technology. We have developed proprietary accessories to enable new, exciting interactive features and various installation options. HYPERVSN SmartV technology is available to order now via HYPERVSN and our Authorised Partners across the globe,” said HYPERVSN Co-founder Kiryl Chykeyuk.

HYPERVSN SmartV will launch with a medium-sized display along with a larger model, complementing the company’s current range whilst addressing a wider scope of customer needs. Another key aspect of the HYPERVSN SmartV devices is their incredible power efficiency. HYPERVSN SmartV is a more sustainable, greener product when compared to most other LED-based displays.

The HYPERVSN SmartV Platform also opens up the possibility of interactive holographic content, as the SmartV platform is built on Android, which enables customers to develop custom widgets for their brand. This means SmartV can be connected to Camera, Voice, and Tablet control. Full communication through the HYPERVSN SmartV will need additional development, depending on the client’s needs.

Customers will get access to the HYPERVSN 3D Studio, an online tool that allows them to create 3D animation without any specific design skills and prior training. Users can easily create 3D holographic animations of their logo/image/text or any 3D object with just a few clicks. 

To learn more on HYPERVSN SmartV, visit www.hypervsn.com/smartV


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