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PPDS Donates 5 Displays to the Salvation Army Bringing Education Opportunities to Children and Adults in the Netherlands

PPDS has donated five of its Philips professional displays to the Salvation Army, bringing advanced educational resources to children and adults in less affluent areas in the Netherlands. The five Philips professional displays – ranging from 75” D-Line digital displace through to 75” Philips T-Line interactive displays for education – have been donated and installed inside the Salvation Army’s local community center ‘Living Rooms’ located in and around the Dutch towns of Utrecht (Nieuwegein, Kanaleneiland, Zuilen, Overvecht) and Ridderkerk.

“At PPDS we understand and wholeheartedly appreciate the incredible work that charitable organizations like the Salvation Army provide to local communities. These people devote their lives to helping others and we wanted to support them,” Martijn van der Woude, Director International Business Development, PPDS, commented. “By donating these five Philips professional displays, we’re providing staff and communities with an advanced education toolkit to help them provide a service befitting of their incredible efforts, for a seamless, deeper learning experience for the people they’re supporting.”

With the donated Philips professional displays from PPDS, the Salvation Army has been able to replace its once static paper flipcharts, blackboards, and whiteboards with new, state-of-the-art, 4K, interactive, and highly collaborative displays, creating innovative, inspiring, and highly engaging teaching and learning capabilities.

The Philips T-Line displays will help to support local school children (individually and in groups) with their homework and their studies (preventing them from falling behind), with additional learning and collaborative opportunities that may not be available at home.

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The displays are also being used to help teach new everyday skills to adults, including senior citizens. These include using a computer, a smartphone, email, social media, and messenger services, such as Facebook or WhatsApp in order to help to improve their communication opportunities in an environment in which they feel comfortable.

“For me as a location coordinator, this partnership with PPDS means having a beautiful touch display in the middle of the community center that gives us so many new possibilities. We can use it for social activities. We can now organize Dutch classes with digital support, display music, videos, and we can share moments that have an impact on people’s lives,” said Eline Kraaijveld, Coördinator at Bij Bosshardt Ridderkerk, Leger des Heils.

To learn more about the donation, visit PPDS’ website.

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