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Bluefin Unveils the R Series All-In-One Digital Signage Platform with Ultimate Flexibility

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Bluefin International, a leading source for innovative digital signage solutions, announced a new product category based on the Rockchip platform. The R Series is a cutting-edge digital signage platform that offers users a host of operating systems including Android 10, Debian 10, Linux, and more.

“The R Series suite of all-in-one displays creates new possibilities within Bluefin’s core line-up. Integration into multiple screen sizes, form factors, and the ability to customize sets us apart. We see these displays going into retail and hospitality venues, or into point-of-purchase fixtures,” says Randy Guy, Owner of Bluefin International. “The dual CPU delivers powerful performance and offers crisp graphics to enhance the customer experience. The comprehensive open-source platform offers developers the flexibility and the freedom to design in their preferred CMS or OS.”

The R Series comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 10.1’’ to 43.0’’. Options include interactive touch, Wi-Fi, and PoE (Power over Ethernet). The R Series also comes with standard inputs/outputs that include Micro-SD, USB, Phoenix GPIO, RJ45, and analog/digital out. As with all of Bluefin’s products, there is a multitude of customizable features. 

For more information about this digital signage solution, please visit the Bluefin website at: www.thebluefin.com/r-series-screens.


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