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SDVoE Alliance Brings World’s First 8K AV-over-IP Endpoints to ISE 2022

The SDVoE Alliance announces the world’s first 8K AV-over-IP transport solution, designed to deliver 8K video across a standard 10G network. The solution is entirely backward compatible with 4K SDVoE systems. SDVoE will showcase the prototype of the new 8K AV-over-IP solution at Integrated Systems Europe 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

SDVoE plays a vital role in bringing 8K to professional audio and video systems integration by providing the world’s first 8K AV-over-IP solution. SDVoE 8K supports traditional formats without adding any compression or latency. Four independent links on an off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet switch provide 40Gb per 8K endpoint; no special or unusual switches are required.

“SDVoE is truly the first AV-over-IP solution to support 8K resolutions – and the fact that it’s compatible with existing SDVoE systems is important,” said Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance. “An existing 4K 10G SDVoE transmitter can send signals to a new 8K 4x10G SDVoE receiver. The opposite is true, assuming 4K content is sent from the 8K transmitter. What comes in goes out without compromise, no added compression or latency.”

Visit SDVoE Alliance’s website for more information.


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