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YOU ARE AT:InfoComm 2022Magewell Unveils Flexible, Multi-Format IP Audio Converter and Capture Device

Magewell Unveils Flexible, Multi-Format IP Audio Converter and Capture Device

Magewell is expanding its media processing and IP workflow expertise into the audio domain with the introduction of its Pro Convert AE567 multi-format IP audio encoder, decoder, and capture device. The device can flexibly convert between different IP media technologies while also offering a seamless bridge between analog audio, software, and IP networks. Magewell will showcase the new product at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas.

Able to send and receive multiple, eight-channel unicast or multicast AES67 streams, Pro Convert AES67 offers seamless interoperability with third-party AES67 audio solutions and also supports the SMPTE 2110-30 specification for delivery of  PCM digital audio over IP networks.

“Audio-over-IP has become the norm for professional audio infrastructure, but there is a vast ecosystem of analog audio peripherals that customers want to continue using,” said Will Chen, Product Manager at Magewell. “Pro Convert AES67 provides a bridge between analog audio devices, IP audio networks, and software-based solutions while enabling easy conversion between disparate IP media technologies.”

Pro Convert AES67 can convert IP-based audio between AES67, NDI®, and SRT, enabling mixed-technology local and remote production workflows that combine third-party products supporting different standards and formats. The device can also encode analog audio into AES67, NDI®, or SRT streams as an ‘on-ramp’ to IP networks, as well as decode IP audio streams in any of these formats and protocols for analog output. 

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Pro Convert AES67 can also serve as a plug-and-play audio capture device when connected via USB to a laptop or desktop computer. For audio streaming applications such as internet radio, the device also offers AAC stream encoding and transmission plus AAC and MP3 stream receiving and decoding with Icecast support.

Pro Convert AES67 is expected to begin shipping later in Q2. For more information, please visit


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