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PPDS Unveils Wave, the Evolutionary New Cloud Platform Unlocking the Power Inside Philips Professional Displays

During ISE 2022, PPDS announced the launch of the Wave, a brand new cloud platform designed to provide advanced and effortless control and management capabilities. Wave helps to ensure faster, more cost-effective installation and service times for multiple displays. Built to scale for fleets, both locally and globally, it can securely provision and monitor hundreds of thousands of displays worldwide.

“With Wave, you have a secure, future-proof, and scalable solution to manage your professional displays globally. As a professional display provider, we understand the need to access the latest Philips professional products and solutions and to continue to evolve your business offering to end customers. We designed Wave with the user experience being paramount for both system integrators and third parties developing with our APIs. This Wave launch is the first step in providing a powerful, cross-platform solution that enables our partners to bring more value to the AV ecosystem and our short-term roadmap already includes the addition of hospitality TVs and LED walls,” Sian Rees, International Product Manager at PPDS, commented. 

Wave will now be included out-of-the-box will all Philips Q-Line, D-Line, T-Line, and C-Line displays, and any existing display with Android 7 and above can also be upgraded and provisioned. Accessible anywhere, AV and IT managers, and even non-IT-focused staff, are able to view status (including screenshots), and access or assign precise information, details, and controls to each display. Eliminating the need to go on-site to debug and make changes and avoiding costly truck rolls and interruption of service.

“The industry has spoken and with Wave, designed to work hand-in-hand with our Android SoC, we have left no stone unturned. PPDS has evolved from a provider of hardware to an enabler of total solutions, bringing a constantly growing choice of products, software, and services to our partners. With Wave, we’re bringing product innovation, out-of-the-box, with a modern, fresh, and highly intuitive user experience. With Wave, managing your displays has never been easier,” said Franck Racapé, Head of Global Commercial at PPDS.

Ensuring optimum performance at all times, Wave allows you to proactively anticipate issues, reducing or eliminating potentially costly downtime and disruptions. Unique compared with other display manufacturer solutions, PPDS Wave gives you complete control of display software updates allowing you to control which displays, and when, an update is installed, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance for better business outcomes.

“Offering unique development access, Wave is another critical tool in the system integrator’s arsenal, allowing technicians to provision, set up, and maintain Philips professional displays from a remote location. We’re very much looking forward to the next phases of this exciting solution,” Alistair Wright, Managing Director at PPDS Platinum SI Partner, UX Global Limited said.

To learn more about PPDS and to explore the full range of solutions, please visit the website here.


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