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Lightware Unveils TPX Extenders for Streamlined AV Network Configuration

Lightware Visual Engineering has unveiled the new TPX suite of products. The first products in the suite, HDMI TPX 107 and TPX 106, are point-to-point extenders that enable HDMI 2.0 signal management over a single CATx cable with HDCP 2.3 and Dolby Vision support. The TPX devices are Lightware’s newest development and a natural progression from the widely popular HDMI-TPS-TX/RX97 series.

Lightware’s new TPX 107 and TPX 106 provide a solution for extending true 4K60 4:4:4 resolution without compromise. The extenders are an ideal solution for classrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, meeting spaces, and other large-scale applications. In addition, TPX extenders include new, bidirectional PoE technology supporting flexible, remote powering for either the transmitter or the receiver. 

The TPX technology will be incorporated into other Lightware solutions, including the popular Taurus platform. This will allow customers to extend audio, video, and USB data, such as web cameras. USB C extension has become a requirement in many collaboration rooms. The TPX technology will be integrated into the Taurus UCX over time to meet today’s unique demands for extending USB-C content. 

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“Technology is evolving and the latest evolution has created a specific need for extending true 4K signals over CAT5 cables with low latency,” said Jason Tirado, president of Lightware. “A few technologies deliver these features, but they are compressing to one gigabit and have latency. Lightware’s TPX devices do not degrade the quality of the content to create a solution for sending high-quality video over long distances.” 

For more information on Lightware, please visit lightware.com.


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