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Prysm Systems Leads a New Era of Collaboration for Industry-Leading Market Research Firm

Today’s business leaders are facing unique challenges in the marketplace. Adapting to new workflows and remote collaboration, staying agile with technology or new solutions and being open to new business models are challenges they currently face. An industry-leading market research firm has developed a unique solution that enables business leaders to tackle these business challenges. By taking leaders outside of their everyday environments and placing them in breakthrough labs, researchers can provoke hands-on collaboration sessions that disrupt conventional thinking, spark creativity and introduce new perspectives – all leading to tangible problem-solving solutions. 

“Our client has created these laboratories that promote engaging and interactive conversations that solve the largest and most challenging issues facing today’s business leader,” said Darrin Brooks, director of strategic engagements for Prysm Systems. “The goal is to create a unique, collaborative space to drive engagement through live experiences. It’s designed to push business leaders outside their comfort zones. The client has thought about every detail in the room. The colors, lighting, scent and technology are strategically designed to create a unique sensory experience. Technology plays a large role in the overall experience within the room.” 

Prysm Systems, in partnership with leading global technology solutions provider, Diversified, has integrated immersive visual displays in more than 20 of these hands-on laboratories throughout the United States. Prysm Systems’ 225-inch LPD 6K is an interactive large-format display with a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams and bezels. Powered by the Prysm Application Suite, the LPD 6K empowers collaboration and elevates presentations by enabling users to present multiple content platforms and third-party applications into one display solution. By gathering various content platforms and applications into one display, Prysm Systems allows presenters to step away from standard flat meetings and singular presentations. Users can simultaneously share presentations, connect outside team members with Zoom, watch a video or share other content. It creates a custom-designed experience that enables individuals to experience the complete picture as they dig into complex issues. 

“Prysm Systems’ technology is unique because it integrates seamlessly with other vendors,” noted Greg Blandford, account executive for Diversified. “It’s a key component to the overall success of these projects. The client has numerous inputs and the information needs to be quickly and easily available on the displays. With Prysm Systems’ displays, the end user is able to send multiple sources from another third-party system and seamlessly display the content to their audiences.”

Together, Prysm Systems and Diversified have built a long-standing relationship to drive consistency through new installations. The companies have established a unified team that has evolved over the years. “We have established a great partnership between Diversified, Prysm Systems and the client,” said Blandford. “The client has a long-standing relationship with Prysm Systems, even before Diversified was introduced to the project. There’s an ongoing and open dialogue between the client, the manufacturer and the integrator. It’s unique in the sense that the manufacturer is very hands-on.”

Blandford added, “A benefit of working with Prysm Systems is their in-house project management team. Their large-format displays are unique, so it’s helpful to have their project management team support these projects. They’re very hands-on throughout the entire project. From the initial conversations with the architect to the final installation, Prysm Systems provides a white glove service to ensure the entire project is a success.”

Prysm Systems transforms the large-format display industry by creating a high-quality solution with low-power consumption and scalability. As displays become larger, Prysm Systems has streamlined large-format video displays while providing a high-quality, impact-resistant surface. The LPD 6K produces vivid colors presented in 7K resolution with a deep contrast to deliver stunning picture quality. With a 178-degree viewing angle, the high-quality display can be viewed at any distance or angle. It also reduces the traditional eye fatigue viewers experience to create an unparalleled experience. 

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