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Hybrid Solution at the Touch of A Button with Epiphan at InfoComm 2022

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On the first day of InfoComm 2022, AVNation’s Rich Fregosa talks to Tobi Tungl, Epiphan’s Chief Happiness Slayer. Now that we’re finally back in-person at InfoComm (and for some, meeting co-workers for the first time), this is an excellent opportunity to connect on the industry’s latest and greatest. 

Tobi tells us that Epiphan is all about disrupting the way that people experience video technology, and innovating ways to do it better. One such example is the Pearl line, which includes Pearl 2, Pearl Mini, and Pearl Nano. As more and more offices have grown accustomed to hybrid work, they’ve seen a huge push for video conferencing technology that meets the needs of users in the office, at home, and everywhere else.

The Pearl Nano is their baseline model, built for remote executive kits. The Pearl Mini, on the other hand, has been a global success in higher education. It comes complete with a touch screen, simple enough for professors and other educators to start on their own without the help of an IT or AV expert. The third product, Pearl 2, is one step up—think multi-camera, multi-content, multi-video needs. Medical facilities, financial institutions, and other organizations with higher volume content creation are most likely to benefit from this device. At Epiphan, pros are happy to help clients decide where their needs fit in respect to the Pearl models, and Tobi also notes that there are many opportunities to scale as needs evolve or change. An additional upside to these devices is the shipment time—after ordering, users can often have one in their hands only 48 hours later.

He also informs us about the all-new AV.io, Epiphan’s latest frame grabber that’s available in three models: 4K, SDI, and HD. Depending on a user’s specific needs, this variety presents an ideal option for all those who regularly create and share video content. These portable, lightweight USB video grabbers for HD video capture are officially shipping beginning in September.

Check out Epiphan’s website here, or follow along with their innovations on social media at @epiphanvideo.

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