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InfoComm 2022: Showcasing In-House Displays from Daktronics with Jim Vasgaard

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AVNation’s Rich Fregosa is in Las Vegas on the InfoComm 2022 show floor, this time with Jim Vasgaard, National Sales Manager for AV Sales Partners at Daktronics. Jim is thrilled to be back in business, seeing coworkers and clients in person for the first time in a long time. 

Jim talks us through a few very popular Daktronics products with key applications. The first is a 1.2mm display, boasting tremendous quality and color depth with no pixelation. What sets Daktronics apart is that they build their products in the United States—South Dakota to be specific. Their team doesn’t have to wait for pieces to be shipped from other countries—everything is done in-house. It helps them in terms of quality, ease of operation, and access to ongoing support. This display in particular is ideal for conference room setups where teams are trying to get away from projectors or video walls.

Their other product on the floor is the .9mm, which is a tighter display that many thought technologies could go until recently. This is an excellent product for an operation center, command center, or even a briefing room. A user can get very close without experiencing any feeling of heat, which gives consumers comfort as well as increases the longevity of the product. Even in a small physical area, the .9mm allows users to view a significant amount of information in high resolution.

Daktronics products have a lot of grayscales, or black-and-white capability, which is essential for command centers working with black and white cameras, street cameras, soldier cams, and drone footage. HDR is not necessarily a factor in those settings—what’s important are the fine details. 

To get more information on Daktronics’ entire product portfolio and use-cases, visit their website here. You can also find them on social media, @Daktronics.

More coverage of InfoComm 2022 is coming soon. Learn more about our conversations with the different companies and integrators on the show floor here.


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