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InfoComm 2022: 21:9 Displays are Showcased by Jupiter with Justin Shong

In Las Vegas, AVNation’s Rich Fregosa is on the InfoComm 2022 show floor with Justin Shong, VP of Sales and Marketing at Jupiter. Justin was initially concerned about the first few tradeshows back after the pandemic pause, but it’s become clear that consumers are excited to show up. 

Customers are showing up in droves to see Jupiter’s display products, with the focus being 21:9 displays. They believe this ratio is ideal for the human field of view and the best way for consumers to immerse themselves with a product. It also helps deliver conferencing equity—the physical size of the monitor itself is only three feet tall, so almost anyone can touch the top of it once it’s mounted. 

Jupiter wants to encourage tech adoption for everyone—not just the people leading the meeting, and not just the people who are tall enough to take advantage of tech features. 

This form factor is available in a variety of sizes as well, and it can be used in portrait mode. They are meant to help users better understand and interact with visual information on the displays. 

Their personal displays and monitors at the show were designed with a “Bring Your Own Device” model in mind, meaning that employees can use the devices they’re most comfortable with—whether they’re at home or in the office. 

Jupiter believes that 21:9 is the future, both for presentation and collaboration. 

For more information on Jupiter, visit their website here. You can also find them on social media, @TheJupiterSys

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