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InfoComm 2022: LynTec Provides Ease of Use Solutions at InfoComm

In Las Vegas, AVNation’s Bradford Benn is back in the InfoComm 2022 studio with Mark Bishop, a representative for LynTec. LynTec manufactures electrical power control, specializing in Pro AVL installs. 

For a long time, LynTec was known in the industry as the “audio sequencing guys.” Now, they have both audio and video solutions that allow users to control both aspects on one platform.

Mark considers his company “famous” for its key-operated, 1-inch by 1-inch button that turns the entire platform one and off. The key-operated feature delivers both ease of use as well as additional security and privacy measures. 

For more information on LynTec’s business or products, visit their website here. You can also find them on social media, @LynTecPower.

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