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InfoComm 2022: Optimizing Digital Signage with Navori Labs at InfoComm

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In Las Vegas, AVNation’s Bradford Benn is back in the InfoComm 2022 studio with Jordan Feil of Navori Labs, an AI and digital signage software company. Based in Switzerland, Navori has been in the industry for decades and does business globally.

Jordan is excited to be with us to talk through some of the exciting offerings that his team is displaying on the showroom floor. Today, almost anyone can put digital images and videos on display. Now, Navori has taken things up a notch.

The idea is that their cameras can detect personal information, sending that information to artificial intelligence that can then serve up the most relevant content in real time. It’s a more personalized experience that sets Navori apart from the competition. 

With the analytics that Navori collects from this process, businesses can then optimize their physical spaces to match the most and least used areas of their space. The data offers incredibly valuable insights to companies looking to know more about their consumers—and in turn, better serve them.

For more information on Navori’s business or products, visit their website here. You can also find them on social media, @Navori.

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