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Digital Transitions Now Offers Advanced Operator Training Certification for Instant-Capture Digitization

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Digital Transitions, a leading global provider of high-resolution digitization solutions and services, today announced the availability of its new “DT Digitization Certification 201: Operator Training” course. This online, self-paced course covers the practical and theoretical knowledge required to work as a digitization operator at most heritage institutions that use modern camera-based digitization hardware. The course load encompasses everything from environmental and hardware considerations to typical software workflows and imaging guidelines and standards such as FADGI and ISO 19264 — along with calibration and system evaluation basics.

The latest addition to an ever-growing ecosystem of educational resources from Digital Transitions, DT Digitization Certification 201 is a follow-on to “DT Digitization Certification 101: Introduction to Digitization” (a prerequisite for 201). The 201 class extends Digital Transitions’ instruction beyond theoretical concepts to dive deeper into the day-to-day operation of a system.

The curriculum spans eight videos totaling approximately three hours of content. An end-of-training exam is designed to ensure students have a firm grasp of the content. The course load follows the logical progression of a digitization program from start to finish and covers:

  • Capture One Setup for Heritage Imaging
  • Hardware and Environment Considerations
  • Capture Preflight and System Calibration
  • Standards and Metrics
  • Reflective Media Capture
  • Transmissive Media Capture

Both DT Digitization 101 and DT Digitization 201 present the general principles of modern instant-capture digitization with an emphasis on universal principles and theories that can be applied regardless of equipment brand or program size. Importantly, DT Digitization 201 meets conformance criteria for FADGI industry guidelines.

“Most college curricula on digitization are still based on legacy and outdated technology, such as flatbed scanners and a direct-to-TIFF workflow. DT Digitization 201 is the only curriculum I’m aware of that is available as professional development and focuses on instant-capture digitization — the dominant modern technology and workflow,” said Doug Peterson, co-owner and head of R&D at Digital Transitions. “This course puts forth a set of imaging best practices and guidelines that have been developed after decades of work in the field. These principles have been tested by hundreds of institutions large and small and are constantly evolving with updates and improvements.”

Visit their website to learn more about the course and to register. https://heritage-digitaltransitions.com/dt-digitization-certification-201-operator-training/


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