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3 Reasons Why AV-as-a–Service Makes Logical Business & Financial Sense in Today’s Environment

  1. Economics of Ownership

Audiovisual technology solutions are nonrevenue generating assets because they rapidly depreciate the day after they are installed. Paying cash with after-tax dollars on nonrevenue generating assets defies basic economics. AV equipment today is essential-use, but there’s a big difference between being essential and making good economic choices for your organization.

AV-as-a-service solutions you have a way to absorb the myriad of non-recoverable costs associated with acquiring new audiovisual technology while maintaining the ability to keep your working capital, working! With AV-as-a-service, you are packaging everything into one all-inclusive monthly subscription payment for 36 or 60 months. This includes the hardware equipment and support services to ensure your solution is serving you optimally.

  1. Rapid Advancement of Technology

Customers are realizing that outcomes, use, and access are more important than ownership due to technology rapidly changing, for the better, with no sign of it slowing down. 

When considering the number of money manufacturers are pouring into R&D how are you as the consumer supposed to manage the rapid advancement of technology and risk of obsolescence? A component of a true and real audiovisual-as-a-service solution should make scaling and changing technology simple, allowing the customer to migrate to new technology, at any time during the subscription term without financial penalties, rollover balances, or making large upfront capital expenses.

  1. Insuring Essential Use Technology

Technology fuels nearly everything in a modern organization’s daily operations; communications, logistics, education, security, etc. No doubt it has become essential use. So how can you NOT insure & protect it with complete support and maintenance service plans? You simply can’t! It’s not smart and it is too much of a risk. Keeping your technology operating effectively and efficiently at all times is mission-critical.

With essential-use technology customers need ongoing service and support. True audiovisual-as-a-service includes a system integrator’s maintenance and support service agreements as a part of the one proposed monthly subscription payment. These services are inclusive and remove most additional service expenses throughout the subscription term. A well-built AV-as-a-service solution should even protect you from unforeseen natural disaster occurrences.


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