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AtlasIED’s Atmosphere Platform Helps Amplify the Unique Experience at Bangkok’s CHI Art Series Hotel

CHI Art Series Hotel is one of the most unique hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. Located in the heart of Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area, the colorful, artfully-painted exterior captures the attention of anyone traveling through the area. Upon entering the lobby and being greeted by electronic disco music, visitors check in at the ice cream lounge rather than a traditional reception and realize the House of CHI is different by design. It’s playful and eclectic.

Opened in November 2022, the 68-room hotel is designed to celebrate art and life, meant for free spirits, artists, friends, lovers, and pets. From the paint color and distinct creative designs to the whimsical furniture, fixture, and accessory, each detail is thoughtfully considered to create a memorable experience. The hotel management ensured sounds and music are an essential layer of the experience and helped to create the ambiance for this extraordinary property. They chose the award-winning AtlasIED Atmosphere Audio Processing and Control System to help complete its playful playground.

After enjoying a scoop of ice cream, guests check into their rooms and then visit one of the many quirky spaces on the property, including the ayurvedic wellness spa, the pottery studio, and the immersive soul cycling room, or they can grab a bite at Mr. Quinn’s restaurant or a drink at the Tip Toe – Sundance Rooftop Lounge. Throughout the day, the hotel staff, or “CHI Ambassadors,” play a variety of curated background music in these areas. To control it all, they use Atmosphere and multiple AtlasIED loudspeaker models and accessories.

One of the most important criteria for their audio system was the ease of use. They chose Atmosphere for its intuitive user interface and simplicity. The property installed the AtlasIED Atmosphere AZM8 8-zone commercial audio processor in the main office near the reception, although management can control the system using a tablet or mobile device from anywhere on the property. The AZM8 also provides built-in messaging that allows hotel staff to deliver live or pre-recorded audio messages to all or select zones in the property, such as dinner reservation announcements or severe weather-related information to guests.

“When visiting the CHI Art Series Hotel, we want our guests to experience a new kind of energy – an elevation of all the senses, a rush of escapism, and a getaway from the ordinary,” said Chalisa Teinpothong, Managing Director. “With our focus on art and inclusivity, we celebrate every individual’s uniqueness. We aim to create and transport our guests to a fantasy museum, the CHI ‘Exhibition of Staying Over.’ The guest experience and creating memories are everything to us. We deliver this through all our senses via service, food, and entertainment, including our choice of curated music, to provide positive, heartfelt moments and memories for House of CHI friends.” The Hotel coupled the AZM8 with two Atmosphere AZA804 four-channel amplifiers to provide additional power to loudspeakers throughout the property.

The hotel installed several AtlasIED FAP43T in-ceiling, low-profile loudspeakers to provide sound in the common areas. Because of the multi-level ceiling heights in the reception area, they also installed multiple AtlasIED SM52T surface-mount loudspeakers to provide quality sound reproduction in larger spaces. These durable, 5.25-inch 2-way loudspeakers are an installer’s dream and can be easily positioned to direct the sound while offering weather-resistant construction (IP33) for indoor or outdoor use.

At one of the busiest spaces in the property, Mr. Quinn’s, hotel management wanted to provide the ability to change the volume of the rhythm and blues music in the restaurant as well as provide complete system control of all zones in the hotel. As the largest space in the hotel, they installed multiple SM52T speakers to provide sound to the space and added an Atmosphere C-ZSV wall controller to give restaurant managers access. The C-ZSV is password protected and provides control over any zone, source selection, and volume levels throughout the property. Additionally, the restaurant installed an A-XLR audio input in the space to provide direct input to the AZM8, which allows musical performers to plug into the system and play music in a specific area or throughout the property.

In the second-floor wellness center and spa, the hotel plays chakra balancing and reiki healing frequency music at a lower volume to help create a tranquil, safe,  and inclusive environment. The hotel installed multiple FAP43T in-ceiling loudspeakers to account for the lower ceiling height and added multiple attenuator wall volume controllers to allow staff to adjust music for certain treatments based on guests’ needs. Tip Toe-Sundance Lounge is one of the hotel’s most prominent and popular spaces. The lounge offers striking views of central Bangkok and guests can enjoy drinks while

viewing one of the most unique sunset view scenes in the City. To provide tropical-style lounge music in the area, management installed multiple all-weather loudspeakers to accommodate the humid temperatures and wet climate. The hotel added a second C- SV controller behind the bar area and installed an A-XLR input to support live outdoor musical performances. The lounge features a range of loudspeakers, including FAP63TC shallow-mount in-ceiling loudspeakers, two 6.5-inch, 2-way all-weather SM63T loudspeakers, and four GSS-G all-weather surface-mount outdoor landscape loudspeakers. The GSS-G is designed to blend into environments such as gardens or architecturally landscaped areas.

“Bangkok is alive with activities and movements and our rooftop lounge has quickly become a favorite spot for our guests to hang out,” said Teinpothong. “Incorporating music throughout the facility is vital to enhance and uplift our guests’ senses while adding emotion to our spaces. We added the appropriate audio equipment to support future private events with live music performances like DJs and bands. It allows them to easily plug into the system to play music in the lounge. It’s another important milestone that we hope will give guests even more reasons to return in the future.”


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