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Are We Ready for the AI Revolution in Audiovisual?

Really, really ready for AI in AV

in episode 600 of AVWeek, Tim Albright, our host, invited Bren Walker from Kirkegaard Design & Consulting, Brittany DiCesare of Control Concepts Inc., and Tom LeBlanc from the NSCA to talk about the hottest topic of the decade: AI in the AV industry! They dive deep into Microsoft’s groundbreaking developments and what it means for the future.

GPT: The Genius Behind the Text

Ever heard of Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT)? It’s this crazy AI technology that takes a simple sentence and turns it into a well-researched paragraph. Perfect for transcribing meetings, conferences, and speeches – kiss manual transcription goodbye!

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Microsoft’s OpenAI: Revolutionizing Online Meetings

Microsoft’s Teams Premium now has GPT technology built-in, thanks to OpenAI. You’ll get automatically generated meeting notes, recaps, and personalized highlights, making it easier than ever to review meetings. Microsoft plans to add even more features, like speaker-based timeline markers and AI-recommended tasks based on meeting discussions.

AV + AI = Match Made in Heaven?

Microsoft and Bing are making AI more useful than ever for all industries, but it’s a game-changer for the highly technical AV world. AI can help save time in presentations, spare the work of transcribers, and learn your preferences over time. But is it all good news?

AI Concerns in AV: Too Good to Be True?

AI might reduce human error, but it brings the risk of computer error. Brittany DiCesare reminds us to keep the human touch, as AI can’t always pick up on nuances as we can.

“As someone who used to have to take meeting minutes… [paper and pen] can be a great tool,” shared DiCesare, who is Client Success Manager at Control Concepts Inc. “I think we have to be careful that we don’t lose that connection and the human side of all of this. I think there are things and nuances that can be picked up and perceived by a human that AI can’t necessarily do right now.”

The secret? Knowing which tasks to automate and which need that personal connection.

The Ultimate Question: Is AV Ready for AI?

Find out the answer in AVWeek’s special 600th episode, “Is AV Ready for AI?” Don’t miss Tim Albright and his guests talking about AI, the Philadelphia Eagles’ stadium audiovisual upgrades, and the latest in educational tech. Check out the podcast from our website, or watch the video on YouTube to learn more.  🎧📺


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