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Blackwire Designs Unveils Groundbreaking Blacklight Design Tool for Linear Lighting Systems at CEDIA 2023

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Blackwire Designs, founded in 2009 by former integrators, is a unique distributor in the custom installation industry, utilizing integrated software for sales and systems support, ensuring smooth business operations.

Blackwire Designs introduced the Blacklight Design Tool, which was the first comprehensive linear LED lighting design software, exclusively available to Blackwire customers and showcased at CEDIA 2023.

Blackwire Designs has launched the Blacklight Design Tool, a comprehensive software for linear LED lighting, which streamlines the design process by importing floorplans, drawing fixtures, and generating purchase orders, install reports, and PDF exports.

Blackwire Designs, a leading distributor in the custom installation and Pro AV markets, proudly announces the launch of its Blacklight Design Tool, the industry’s first comprehensive design software for linear LED lighting. Available as an exclusive offering for all Blackwire customers, Blacklight comes at no additional cost, providing dealers with unparalleled value. The design tool will be officially showcased at CEDIA 2023 in booth 4304, where attendees can experience firsthand how this innovative software revolutionizes the linear lighting design process from start to finish.

Designing and specifying linear lighting systems has always been a challenging process, prone to errors and requiring intricate calculations. The market overwhelms designers with numerous products, each featuring different attributes, such as varying AC or DC voltages, diverse watts per foot, and unique control requirements like DMX. Blackwire’s Blacklight Design Tool is a game-changer, empowering any dealer to visually design an entire linear lighting system with just a few simple clicks.

The Blacklight Design Tool streamlines the linear lighting design process from start to finish. Users begin by importing the floorplan of the installation site, and from there, they can effortlessly draw out each fixture. The tool then quickly and accurately lays out, configures, prices, and generates a purchase order for the custom lighting system design. This user-friendly software calculates all the necessary equipment required, from tape LED strips, extrusions, and lens covers to wiring, controls, mounting hardware, and accessories. It even manages electrical calculations for wattage, tape length, voltage drop, supply wiring gauge, and load capacity for power supplies and connected control devices. With built-in error correction, Blacklight minimizes costly miscalculations and ensures accuracy, enabling designers to quickly turn around pricing and installation documentation for even the most complex linear systems.

Blacklight generates detailed install reports, providing comprehensive breakdowns for each fixture, including segment-specific cut and length details as well as wiring gauge information. The tool enables one-click PDF export, automatically combining the install report with manufacturer spec sheets for all products used in the project. Blacklight directly links to Blackwire’s store for simple pricing, stock availability, and purchasing.

“Blacklight sets a new standard in the industry, ensuring a seamless transition from design to installation, not only fostering greater efficiency and productivity but also lowering project costs by eliminating confusion and wasted labor,” said Kevin Luther, owner of Blackwire Designs. “Home technology professionals’ clients expect them to provide pricing information quickly and accurately. We learned years ago that going from drawings or measurements to a price could take days, if not weeks, to properly complete this process. Blackwire’s philosophy is to help dealers save time on the job so they can improve their business. This solution will be a game-changer that will empower any dealer to visually design an entire linear lighting system with just a few simple clicks.”


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