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AtlasIED Announces Significant Equity Stake in Aimline and Introduces New Aimline Series Premium Loudspeakers

AtlasIED is the manufacturer of high-quality commercial audio and communication technology solutions, dedicated to protecting, informing, and entertaining customers by developing solutions to solve complex audio and communication challenges.

AtlasIED has acquired a significant equity stake in German high-performance loudspeaker manufacturer Aimline, introducing the Aimline Series of loudspeakers at Integrated Systems Europe 2024.

The recently introduced Aimline Series, featuring models like ALXD and ALXP, is set to debut at Integrated Systems Europe 2024. This move is in line with AtlasIED’s commitment to Design Centric Technology solutions, presenting customers with top-notch steerable loudspeakers suitable for a variety of applications.

AtlasIED, a recognized leader in the commercial audio industry, today announced a significant equity stake in German high-performance loudspeaker manufacturer, Aimline. The investment brings the Aimline products into the AtlasIED product portfolio. AtlasIED will introduce the Aimline Series of loudspeakers at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona, January 30 to February 2, and will showcase the first products under the investment, the AtlasIED Aimline Series ALXD and ALXP digitally steerable and passive column array loudspeakers.

Since its founding in 2015 in Warendorf, Germany, Aimline has launched a range of digitally steerable loudspeakers across six continents. The company focused on creating next-generation arrays, combining digital control with exceptional fidelity for various applications, including transportation hubs, houses of worship, education, museums, and courthouses. Additionally, the company developed models that incorporate Power of Ethernet (PoE).

AtlasIED will demonstrate the company’s new Aimline Series ALXD and the ALXP

column loudspeakers at ISE. Modern facilities are more often designed for the eye rather than the ear, incorporating highly reflective surfaces such as glass, marble, and stone that create significant acoustical challenges. The digitally steerable ALXD column series loudspeakers address these challenges, resulting in optimal venue coverage and the best possible direct-to-reverberant ratio. The ALXD comprises seven models that feature state-of-the-art beam steering and Dante audio as standard. The series includes the ALXD 4, 8, 24, 32, 40, and 48 models, and each is aptly named based on the number of DSP channels/traducers included per model.

Additionally, AtlasIED will highlight the ALXP Series of passive column arrays, including the ALXP 4, 8, 12, and 16 models. The controlled dispersion of the ALXP series makes them ideal for acoustically challenging environments with the least possible architectural intrusion. The ALXD and ALXP Series can cascade vertically with the same model to build arrays in various lengths.

The ALXD and ALXP speaker series are the first two loudspeakers AtlasIED will introduce in the Aimline Series, and plan to add several more models.

“As we explore ways to expand our portfolio with additional premium products, Aimline was one company whose products and technology stood out to us for their elegant design but also their excellent quality and performance,” said Matt Czyzewski,Executive Vice President of AtlasIED. “Our investment in Aimline allows us to

immediately offer customers excellent quality steerable loudspeakers for use in a rangeof applications.”

The AtlasIED Aimline Series loudspeakers are expected to be available at the end ofQ1 2024. See these products and more from AtlasIED at ISE 2024 in booth #5C700.


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