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Crestron Debuts New 1 Beyond Optical Zoom Cameras, Bringing an Unrivaled Intelligent Video Experience to the Most Important Meeting Spaces

Crestron develops technology for various work environments, enhancing communication and collaboration through cloud-based platforms, devices, and systems. Their solutions aim to improve productivity, speed, and efficiency, ensuring better work experiences worldwide.

Crestron Electronics has launched its 1 Beyond PTZ camera line, featuring four new cameras with optical zoom, built-in Visual AI framing and tracking capabilities, and standard PTZ cameras that complement the Crestron Automate VX multi-camera speaker tracking solution.

This new camera line caters to the demand for automated cameras in larger meeting spaces. It includes intelligent PTZ models equipped with Visual AI for enhanced framing and tracking, alongside standard PTZ models that integrate seamlessly with the Crestron Automate VX speaker tracking solution. The cameras are certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms, providing flexibility for both room solutions and standalone usage, with the aim of fostering meeting equity and engagement.

Crestron Electronics, a leading global provider of workplace collaboration technology, today announces the launch of the new 1 Beyond PTZ camera line. This line includes four all-new cameras, each equipped with optical zoom to uphold the integrity and pixel quality of the images captured. A thoughtfully developed lineup includes the i12 and i20 which boast built-in Visual AI framing and tracking capabilities, as well as the p12 and p20 which are standard PTZ cameras that complement the groundbreaking features of the Crestron Automate VX multi-camera speaker tracking solution.

The new Crestron 1 Beyond PTZ camera line addresses a critical need for automated cameras suited to provide the premium experience required in larger meeting spaces. In-room participants must be captured clearly and framed properly no matter where they are seated, elevating meeting equity and engagement. Static wide shots of a large meeting space are not sufficient to foster connection and communication among in-person and remote participants, and low-quality digital zoom or jerky automated PTZ movements can cause remote participants to disengage.

Designed for premium performance and easy install, the cameras offer the flexibility to be used as part of a room solution or standalone. Each of the new cameras is in certification for Microsoft Teams® and Zoom Rooms® software, and were designed in-house to integrate seamlessly with Crestron Flex solutions powering a one-touch meeting experience for Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms software: With a single tap, users can initiate an automated, broadcast-quality video production that immerses live participants and results in high-quality collaboration for all.

Intelligent PTZ Cameras With Visual AI
The Crestron 1 Beyond i12 and i20 models are intelligent PTZ cameras boasting built-in Visual AI, perfect for enhancing framing and tracking in medium to large rooms.

An onboard processing unit and built-in reference camera allow the i12 and i20 to swiftly and intelligently frame and track groups, presenters, or zones. Industry-leading Crestron Visual AI detects and tracks a speaker even when the subject is turned away or wearing a mask, and anticipates behaviors for smooth, natural camera movement.

The i12 model, designed for medium to large spaces, offers 12x optical zoom and can be used for either group framing or basic presenter tracking up to 25 feet. Using Visual AI, two i12 cameras can be paired together and when someone enters or exits a designated zone the cameras will switch automatically. The i20 model is tailored for large and extra-large spaces, providing 20x optical zoom. It features enhanced presenter tracking up to 50 feet with group tracking and preset zones.

Standard PTZ Cameras With Speaker Tracking
The Crestron 1 Beyond p12 and p20 models are standard PTZ cameras. The p12 is suitable for medium and large rooms with 12x optical zoom, while the p20 is ideal for large and extra-large rooms, offering 20x optical zoom.

Crestron 1 Beyond cameras are designed for flexible deployment as standalone devices or as part of a multicamera solution. Using Crestron Automate VX multi-camera speaker tracking solution, up to 12 cameras can be leveraged in a single space with automatic switching, framing, and tracking based on who is speaking so every angle can be captured.

“The new Crestron 1 Beyond cameras are the latest leap forward in our growing portfolio of hybrid work solutions,” says Brad Hintze, EVP of global marketing at Crestron. “These cameras are designed to redefine the video experience in larger meeting spaces, ensuring that every participant, no matter their location in the room, is captured with perfect clarity for a professional video experience. This innovation is a testament to our commitment to enhancing meeting equity and engagement in the evolving landscape of workplace collaboration.”

To experience these cameras and more, visit Crestron at stand #3H300 during ISE® 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. To learn more about the new 1 Beyond camera line, please visit the blog.

The new Crestron 1 Beyond PTZ cameras are now available for order. Get more information at www.crestron.com.



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