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ISE 2024 Day 1 Wrapup

ISE 2024 aims for innovation

AVNation ISE2024 Blackman
AVNation ISE2024 Blackman

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is back in Barcelona this week. The show kicked off on Tuesday morning with a press conference by Mike Blackman, ISE 2024 show director. Blackman indicated this was the largest ISE ever in terms of square meters as well as vendors. The show takes up 82,000 square meters with just over 1400 exhibitors sharing the eight halls. This is a far cry from the show 20 years ago that started with just 120 vendors.

The show has made tremendous efforts the last ten years gathering AV press as well as influential content creators. Hall 4 is where the “Influencer Lounge” is this year but you’ll find these folks throughout the Fira. Iffat Chaudry, Justin Dawson, and the HETMA group are all around the show floor. In addition, AVNation joins 800 other fellow members of the press.

AVNation Tweetup

AVNation ISE2024 Tweetup HDBaseT
AVNation ISE2024 Tweetup HDBaseT

We partnered with HDBaseT and Commercial Integrator for this year’s ISE 2024 Tweetup. Hundreds of AV pros from around the world gathered in Hall 2 to network and get together.

Crestron goes AI

Similar to how CES was all about AI, this year’s ISE seems to be following that trend. Crestron showed off their new One Beyond cameras. These AI-driven cameras give colleges and corporations an extra set of hands when live switching a meeting, lecture, or presentation. With four new cameras, the i12 and i20 models, the company aims to support meetings equity. The optical zoom and intelligent Speaker Tracking allows companies to hone in on the speakers and give far-end users a better experience.


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AVNation ISE2024 VuWall
AVNation ISE2024 VuWall

Command and control projects have seen a sharp rise in recent years. Corporate and government customers are outlining the need for a centralized hub where facilities and operations can gather. VuWall focused on their SOC2 security certifications. With their products going into command and control systems, it’s imperative AV end-users feel safe putting them in.

Just Add Power

Over the summer I was able to visit the new Just Add Power facilities outside of Tampa, Florida. The company’s focus on sustainability goes deeper than just their products. The entire headquarters emits the founder’s, Ed Qualls, desire to take care of the environment and his customers.

At ISE 2024 Just Add Power added to that legacy of ESG (environmental, sustainability, governance) with MAX Color Multi Tiler. Like all other J+P products, this one will be upgraded throughout its life through firmware upgrades. The system allows users to recall presets with a control system. In addition, anyone on the network can use an attached keyboard and mouse and craft their own multi-tiler layouts and recall with three memory recalls.


Control is still my favorite aspect of the AV industry. So visiting with RTI is a treat. The company fits well in the ISE 2024 ethos, having both residential and commercial offerings. But what we talked about was not primarily control.

This year they announced their Meeting Ecosystem. This suite of products looks to break into the meeting and huddle space market. The default display output shows everything from login, password, and instructions on connecting to their new video bar. RTI has their own flavor of connected sharing pod, wireless mic, and touch panel that rounds out the Meeting Ecosystem line.

ISE 2024 Shows Off

AVNation ISE2024 Blackman
AVNation ISE2024 Blackman

The thing that Mike Blackman and his team does particularly well is to take the show beyond the venue. While in Amsterdam, the show facilitated projection mapping, tech tours, and other activities that brought AV to the city. The ISE team has elevated that idea since arriving in Barcelona. Marrying projection mapping technology with an artist like Gaudi seems to be a natural fit. And the team has worked with the city to achieve just that yet again. In addition, there are places all throughout Barcelona to experience the technology that gets any AV user’s attention. Day one was a whirlwind. This four day show certainly has more to unveil. Check-in tomorrow and go to our ISE 2024 coverage page for announcements, videos, and more.


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