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ISE 2024 Day 3 Recall

Toward the finish line of ISE 2024

Almost there, kids. This show is really big. At four days, it’s also the longest show we cover so far. Shure showed off an expansion of the MXA line, AtlasIED gets into line arrays, and Sonos is headed to the commercial AV space.


AVNation ISE2024 AtlasIED
AVNation ISE2024 AtlasIED

Entering the world of line arrays, AtlasIED announced this week a strategic investment into Aimline. The German speaker manufacturer brings column array speakers to AtlasIED’s portfolio. This is a direct result of customer feedback in the transportation space. AtlasIED regularly hosts customer forums and the need for line array speakers for large spaces has been an ongoing request. The introduction of Aimline fills that request and furthers AtlasIED’s commitment to the transportation space.

MSG Sphere Audio

What is there to say about the MSG Sphere that hasn’t been written already? Oh yeah, we got to talk with the company that made the audio possible. The team at HOLOPLOT was rightfully proud of the X1 speaker that is the centerpiece of the Sphere audio experience. HOLOPLOT also was showing off the “little brother” of the X1, the X2 at ISE 2024. You don’t have to construct a $2 billion venue to use these speakers. The point-source experience can be utilized in lecture halls, “normal” concert venues, and more.

Sonos back at ISE 2024

Yes, I have a Sonos at my house. There’s a 75% chance you do to according to market data. However, do you have one installed in the office? That’s what Sonos has been developing for the past two years; Sonos Professional. According to the team at Sonos, hospitality, small offices, and corporate spaces were already seeing consumer versions of Sonos being used. The idea behind the commercial line is Sonos technology with hardwired connectivity and power. In addition, Sonos offers US customers a professional music service.


I use an SM7B in the AVNation studios. If you’ve heard my voice on a podcast, it’s most likely been through an SM7B. So, when Shure set up a podcasting studio at ISE 2024 with their new SM7DB, I jumped at the chance to record in it. When you watch the video, that’s the audio you’ll hear.

The company was showing off its new Microflex Wireless NeXt 2 mic system. This is the product they announced last month and features a single recharging base station that is also the receiver. You can use a handheld, boundary, or bodypack and use up to two transmitters, and comes with the Shure DSP.

Of course, Shure was also showing off their brand-new MXA 901. The new ceiling mic has a smaller form factor and up to six versions of mounting. Shure continues to leverage the MXA technology the introduced at ISE five years ago and it will be interesting to see what else the engineers have in store.


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BrightSign Bright Alliance

AVNation ISE2024 Brightsign
AVNation ISE2024 Brightsign

There are a handful of companies we’ve talked with this week that I wasn’t sure I’d get a customer perspective from. BrightSign was one of those. Misty Chalk, Vice President of Sales,  from BrightSign, proved me wrong. SOC, system on chip, was not a direction I expected the digital signage giant to go, but there they are. Offering their software to companies looking for on-board solutions for signage. The new BrightSign Bright Alliance looks, at first, like a way for BrightSign to serve its hundreds of CMS (content management system) partners. And it’s certainly that. According to Chalk, it’s also a commitment to the IT directors and facilities managers of BrightSign’s goal of providing an excellent customer experience regardless of which CMS you use.

As I’m writing this, we have one day left. Some great AV pros joined us to record AVWeek and you’ll hear that over the next two Mondays. HETMA has been a force to watch this week as these AV end users scour ISE 2024 looking for ways to make their campuses better. While our time in Barcelona is almost done, we’ll be dissecting all we’ve learned for weeks to come. Make sure to check out our ISE 2024 coverage page for videos and more.


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