Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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Biamp Unveils Cutting-edge Innovations at ISE 2024, Including Evoko Acquisition and Terod Amplifiers

Biamp, the professional audio and video solutions, made significant announcements and showcased the products at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 exhibition. Tim Albright from AVNation engaged in an insightful discussion with Joe Andrulis, shedding light on Biamp’s strategic moves and the latest additions to their product lineup.

Biamp revealed the acquisition of Evoko, a well-established brand in room scheduling. Evoko’s extensive experience aligns seamlessly with Biamp’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for conference and meeting spaces.

Biamp unveils the Voltera D, a new line of digital amplifiers, expanding on the successful Voltera family. With built-in processors and presets for Biamp speakers, these amplifiers promise seamless integration and a superb audio experience.

Designed in Sweden, these amplifiers go beyond just performance. Joe discusses the team’s focus on environmental sustainability and governance, highlighting the clever power management features that contribute to efficiency and reduced waste.

Want to learn more about Biamp’s innovative solutions? Visit www.biamp.com or check out AVNation.tv for the full interview and more updates from ISE 2024!


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