Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Legrand AV’s Myriad – Revolutionary Advancement in Screen Technology

AV Nation brings you the latest updates from ISE 2024, featuring an exclusive interview with Maikel Koppen from Legrand AV. Amidst the bustling atmosphere of the event, Michael shares insights into Legrand AV ‘s newest offerings and showcases their innovative products at the Legrand AV Booth.

Legrand AV presents Myriad, a revolutionary advancement in screen technology. Building upon the success of the sideline concept, Myriad offers enhanced versatility with wall and ceiling mounting options. With a 5-meter wide electrical powered screen and a sleek design, Myriad delivers a seamless viewing experience for diverse applications.

Koppen also shines the spotlight on Parallax, demonstrating its compatibility with ultra-short throw projectors. With Parallax Pure 0.45, LR AV showcases its exceptional ambient light rejection capabilities, providing stunning visuals for any environment.

To learn more about Legrand AV ‘s innovative products and solutions, visit Stay tuned to for more exclusive interviews, product showcases, and updates from ISE 2024.


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