Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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The Power of Versatility: Holoplot’s Immersive Sphere Experience

Holoplot showcased its latest advancements in immersive sound technology at ISE 2024, redefining the way audiences engage with AV content. During our recent visit to ISE 2024, we had the privilege of exploring the Holoplot booth alongside Ryan Penny, where we delved into the Holoplot The X2 speaker line.

Holoplot’s X2 speaker line, a smaller version of their flagship X1, showcased its compact design and intelligent loudspeaker system, aiming to revolutionize audio experiences in corporate settings and lecture theaters.

Holoplot’s immersive sphere experience, featuring beamforming technology, offers high-quality audio to large audiences without acoustic issues or delays. It showcases versatility and creativity in concerts and cinematic experiences. Holoplot’s Ryan Penny is excited about their latest AV technology innovations, including the X2 speaker line and immersive sphere experience, which he believes will redefine audiovisual content experiences. Ready to learn more about Holoplot? Visit Holplot.com.


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