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Atlona Applauds Appointment of Christina Cruzeiro as the AVIXA Women’s Council Co-Chair

Atlona, a Panduit company, is a manufacturer of AV distribution, AV over IP, collaboration, and control solutions, focusing on improving technology for idea sharing through innovative products used in commercial and educational applications.

Christina Cruzeiro, Canadian Regional Sales Manager at Atlona has been appointed as co-chair of the AVIXA Women’s Council alongside Tammy Fuqua of QSC. The council aims to empower women in the AV industry by establishing core goals, expanding networking opportunities, and supporting local groups globally.

Christina’s extensive experience in the AV industry, including her previous role as co-leader of the Toronto AVIXA Women’s Council, her passion for supporting women, and her collaborative nature, makes her an ideal choice for co-chair of the AVIXA Women’s Council. This appointment reflects Atlona’s commitment to diversity and empowerment within the industry, and it aligns with efforts to increase the representation of women and support their professional growth worldwide.

Atlona, a Panduit company, proudly congratulates Canadian Regional Sales Manager Christina Cruzeiro on her recent executive appointment to the AVIXA Women’s Council. As co-chair, Christina will lead the council alongside Tammy Fuqua of QSC to establish core goals and expand networking opportunities for the organization and its members.

The AVIXA Women’s Council represents a global community of AVIXA members and other professionals who support and empower women in the AV industry, with more than 1000 members worldwide. Christina was previously co-leader of the Toronto AVIXA Women’s Council, a position she held for five years. That experience, along with her love and knowledge of the AV industry through her work with Atlona and other organizations, positioned her as an ideal choice for co-chair.

While Christina and her colleague are responsible for North America, they have set their sights on making a much broader impact. “We are developing a global task force that will bring our values and mission to local groups in Europe, Asia and potentially other regions,” said Cruzeiro. “There are many new women coming into the industry, but we also lost numbers during Covid. About 14 percent of the industry was female prior to Covid, and we are now 11 percent in North America. We have some work to do, but we have a big vision for building those numbers and retaining more women in this industry over the long haul. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to make a difference.”

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Christina and Tammy have specific events in the coming months to help build those numbers. The council will partner with similar organizations for International Women’s Day next month to bring stronger recognition to the women that make a difference in the AV industry. They are also planning this year’s AVIXA Women’s Council breakfast at InfoComm, which typically attracts more than 300 attendees. And in addition to actively recruiting new members, they are working hard to prepare incoming leaders for their increased responsibilities in promoting the council.

That includes bringing in sponsors to support local events. “We are here to support the local council leaders, who know they have direct lines to Tammy and for support,” she added.

“Christina has a true passion for supporting women in the AV industry,” said Jamey Swigert, Executive Director, Atlona. “Upon creating an Empowering Women’s Success employee resource group at Atlona, Christina was the obvious choice to lead the initiative and she has taken it far beyond my initial vision. This passion, combined with her highly collaborative nature, make her the perfect person to co-chair this important AVIXA council. Everyone at Atlona is proud of her work in our industry and congratulates her on this well-deserved appointment.”



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