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Just Add Power Makes New Investment in Its Sustainability Mission

Just Add Power offers high-quality AV-over-IP distribution solutions that increase in value over time. Rejecting planned obsolescence, their products remain valuable over time, with compatibility across new and old devices and free firmware updates. Known for easy installation and use, the company supports dealers and installers with comprehensive training and technical support. Their solutions, suitable for matrices, video walls, and architectural installations, prioritize reliability and continuous system improvement.

Just Add Power has installed solar panels at its Seminole, Florida headquarters to meet 90% of its annual energy needs, reducing its carbon footprint by over 38 tons. The company also implements other sustainable practices like using native plants that require no extra maintenance, washable dishware, and recycling. Additionally, it develops tools for in-field device repair and uses recyclable materials in packaging and product manufacturing.

This initiative supports their long-term product use and reduces waste, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability in both operations and product lifecycle management.

Just Add Power, a leader in AV-over-IP distribution, today announced the company has taken another step in its overall sustainability mission by adding solar power panels to its headquarters in Seminole, Florida.

“I believe as a technology manufacturer we must be good stewards of the environment. That’s why sustainability has always been at the heart of Just Add Power, starting with our AV-over-IP products,” said Ed Qualls, CEO at Just Add Power. “We support our products for the entire lifetime, so they aren’t constantly being ripped, replaced, and tossed into landfills. In fact, we have first-gen products that have been installed and are still in use since 2010. With our investment in solar power, we are furthering our efforts to make our operations more sustainable. That’s important to us and to our customers as they look for manufacturers that will join them in taking better care of our environment.”

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Just Add Power’s solar power array has been designed to provide 90% of the company’s annual energy requirements, with the company looking to identify efficiencies within the building that can lower its usage further. Since the installation in November 2023, it has already reduced its carbon footprint over 38 tons.

In addition to the solar power panels, Just Add Power’s other sustainable operations at their headquarters include planting foxtail palms that are self-pruning, peanut flowers for ground cover so there is no need to use gas or electric-powered garden tools to maintain them, and planting other Florida native species that do not need extra irrigation and fertilization to thrive. The company also uses cloth, cutlery, and dishes that can be washed and reused, which drastically reduces their use of paper products. In all departments, recycling bins are used for incoming packaging and shipping materials that Just Add Power’s team can’t reuse.

To further its product sustainability, Just Add Power has developed tools that allow its team to diagnose and repair damaged devices in the field rather than shipping them back and forth or sending techs onsite. Additionally, for the last five years, the company has used packaging made from 100% recyclable material. When possible, the company has specified that its manufacturing partners use recycled materials in manufacturing, such as steel for Just Add Power cases and ABS plastic made from recyclable material for its wall plates, which are fabricated in the company’s home state of Florida.


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