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MSE Audio Announces Rebranding for Commercial and Residential Products

MSE Audio® utilizes the latest audio technology to produce quality speakers with exceptional sound. The products are created through truly synergistic, cross-platform engineering to deliver lasting durability, industry-leading quality and refined aesthetics.

MSE Audio is rebranding its audio product lines to better serve professional and residential markets. The company’s professional audio products will be represented by the SoundTube brand, while residential products will fall under the PhaseTech brand. Each brand will have dedicated sales teams and maintain their history of innovation and excellence.

MSE Audio’s rebranding strategy aims to streamline and enhance brand recognition by aligning their professional and residential audio products under distinct brands. By consolidating commercial offerings under SoundTube and residential products under PhaseTech, MSE Audio provides clarity and focus for their customers. Each brand leverages its rich history and innovative legacy to meet specific market needs, ensuring high-quality products and dedicated customer service. This strategic move reinforces their commitment to excellence and positions them for continued growth and innovation in their respective markets.

MSE Audio, an established audio brand that manufactures ingenious audio equipment, speakers, and related products for the professional and residential audio markets, is proud to unveil its dynamic rebranding strategy, elevating two distinct audio brands to cater to the unique needs of its customers.

professional audio products will be represented by SoundTube, and residential products will fall under the PhaseTech brand. Each brand comes with its own dedicated sales reps and internal sales team along with its rich history, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

“We are excited to align our commercial offerings under the well-known SoundTube brand,” said Shannon Humphrey, President of SoundTube. “SoundTube has built a strong reputation for innovative, high-quality audio products in the commercial space over the past 28 years. Consolidating our commercial lines under this single brand will provide clarity for our customers.”

The company’s residential audio products, including speakers and electronics, will now be sold under the PhaseTech brand name. “PhaseTech will continue our tradition of offering premium solutions for the residential audio market,” added Humphrey. “Our team is committed to providing the same level of performance, support ,and service that our customers have come to expect.”

SoundTube and PhaseTech will maintain their focus on innovative audio technologies backed by expert system design assistance and U.S.-based customer service. All products will still be designed and engineered by the same teams at our headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas and Jacksonville, Florida .

SoundTube: Revolutionizing Commercial Audio

SoundTube Entertainment, a brand synonymous with innovation, transformed commercial audio distribution nearly three decades ago by creating the open ceiling category of speakers. Over the years, SoundTube has consistently raised the bar, introducing innovations that enhance audio quality, aesthetics, and installation ease.

SoundTube’s new tagline, Ingenious. By Design., is at the core of everything SoundTube does. It drives, inspires, and defines how SoundTube addresses customers’ needs. Developing true differentiation does not happen by accident; it requires conscious effort and unwavering dedication. In other words, By Design.

From pendant speakers to narrow-focused and 360° sound, and IP-enabled PoE powered speakers, SoundTube’s innovations have significantly improved the commercial audio industry. The commitment to consistency is evident through the UL approval on all products in 2006.

In addition to its own branded products, SoundTube serves as a brand umbrella for products sold under Rockustics, SolidDrive and Soundsphere.

PhaseTech: Pioneers in Home Audio since 1955

Phase Technology Corporation, also known as PhaseTech, boasts a rich legacy dating back to its establishment in 1955. With nearly seven decades of pioneering engineering innovation and design in the home audio industry, PhaseTech has set the gold standard in American manufacturing. From customized products for top global brands to bespoke audio systems meeting the highest aesthetic and architectural standards, PhaseTech has consistently exceeded expectations.

Notably, PhaseTech revolutionized the industry in the mid-1980s by introducing one of the first in-wall custom installation speakers, followed by dARTS Theater, the first digitally calibrated theater system. Their patented soft dome tweeter, introduced in 1967, remains a cornerstone of the brand, contributing to award-winning audiophile speakers and earning worldwide adoption.

All PhaseTech products are proudly made in the USA at their state-of-the-art facility in Jacksonville, Florida. PhaseTech continues to evolve and innovate, transforming novel ideas into cutting-edge technology.

The PhaseTech brand includes dARTS Theater speakers, Induction Dynamics and SolidDrive and Rockustics for residential applications.



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