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Powersoft to make landmark appearance at InfoComm 2024

Powersoft, an Italian audio company since 1995, specializes in high-end patented technologies for professional audio applications, with over 100 countries and authorized distributors.

Powersoft will independently exhibit at InfoComm Asia 2024 for the first time. They will showcase innovations like the Maritime Kit for Unica amplifiers, Dolby Atmos Connect, MyUniverso cloud updates, and new Unica platform features.

Powersoft is participating in InfoComm Asia 2024 to showcase its latest innovations and integrated solutions for the professional audio market, including the new Maritime Kit for Unica amplifiers, Dolby Atmos Connect patching, and updates to its MyUniverso cloud platform. This marks Powersoft’s first independent exhibition at the event, highlighting its commitment to expanding its presence and demonstrating its cutting-edge technologies to the Asian market.

Powersoft, a world leader in the design, production and marketing of patented technologies for pro-audio applications, has announced its participation in InfoComm Asia 2024. This marks the first time Powersoft will independently exhibit at the event, leveraging the InfoComm Asia platform to spotlight its newest innovations and integrated solutions for the professional audio market. Show attendees can explore all the latest Powersoft technologies, including the new Maritime Kit for Unica amplifiers, Dolby Atmos Connect patching, the latest updates to its MyUniverso cloud and more, in Bangkok from 17 to 19 July.

Plain sailing with Maritime Kit for Unica

First shown at InfoComm Las Vegas, Powersoft will introduce to the Asian market the new Maritime Kit for its renowned all-in-one Unica   amplifier platform, designed specifically for use on cruise ships and other marine vessels. Following rigorous testing to ensure compliance with key marine safety standards (IEC 60945 and IACS E10), the Maritime Kit, comprising an external A/C filter kit with ferrite components, guarantees robust performance and high-quality audio in maritime environments, addressing the unique challenges faced in this sector.

Dolby Atmos Connect: A game changer for cinema applications

Show attendees will get an exclusive look at the latest Dolby Atmos Connect module for Powersoft’s amplifiers. The new Dolby Atmos Connect feature in ArmoníaPlus 2.7 transforms cinema setups by simplifying the patching process for seamless integration with Dolby CP950 processors. This feature not only reduces costs, effort and time but also allows users to effortlessly incorporate Powersoft amplifiers with Dolby audio processors for swift and efficient deployment in cinema applications.

Meet Verso: The gateway to MyUniverso

Powersoft will also showcase MyUniverso, its powersoft, user-friendly cloud platform, in conjunction with Verso, a versatile gateway device designed to connect Powersoft products to the MyUniverso. Verso ensures secure and efficient communication between local systems and MyUniverso, enhancing operational efficiency and control, while its robust logging and data storage capabilities ensure local continuity of service even during internet outages.

Latest updates to the Unica platform

For the first time in Asia, visitors to the Powersoft stand will be introduced to the latest updates to the Unica platform, including the addition of Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD) functionality to the entire Unica series, previously only available with Mezzo. The Powersoft team will also demonstrate the new lower-power Unica 1K8 and Unica 5K4 models, first presented at ISE in Europe. These models are designed for smaller applications, in keeping with Unica’s mission to meet the demands of installations of any size within a single amplifier platform.

“After a successful InfoComm in Las Vegas, we are looking forward to sharing our latest innovations, including our highly anticipated Unica Maritime Kit, in Bangkok next month,” says Powersoft’s global corporate and marketing communication manager, Francesco Fanicchi. “We invite all InfoComm Asia attendees to come by our stand, where they can experience these new technologies firsthand and discover the endless possibilities offered by Unica and MyUniverso.”


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