Thursday, February 29, 2024

Robert Heron

Super-sized Screens

TV manufacturers are expanding screen sizes, with some super-sized screens reaching affordability for consumers. LCD TVs like Hisense's 100U8K 4K and Samsung's Q80C QLED 4K TVs offer 98-100-inch screens, but weigh 150 lbs. LG and Samsung's premium OLED offerings offer 77-inch screens, with competitors sacrificing viewing angles and brightness.

2024 Display Tech Expectations

Where 2024 Display Tech is headed By Robert Heron The new year brings another CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and a grand preview of what we can expect from display manufacturers in 2024. The primary display trend I witnessed at the show...

Picking the perfect WFH monitor

By Robert Heron WFH Monitor Excellence It doesn't matter if your home office is a dedicated room or something cobbled together in a convenient spot: a good computer monitor goes a long way toward increasing productivity by making it easier to...

Screen Resolution, Pixels, and Aspect Ratios

What Screen Resolution Means to You It's easy to spend countless hours staring at a screen - phones, tablets, and TVs are seemingly always within sight or otherwise within our grasp. The technologies involved in making the glowing displays we gaze...

About Me

Robert is a technologist with over 20 years of experience testing and evaluating consumer electronics devices, primarily focusing on commercial and home theater equipment. Robert's expertise as an audio-visual professional derives from testing and reviewing hundreds of related products, managing a successful AV test lab, and maintaining continuous education and certifications through organizations such as CEDIA, the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), and THX. More recently, Robert has specialized in analyzing audio and video display systems, offering comprehensive feedback, and implementing corrective measures per industry standards. He aims to deliver an experience that reflects the artists' intent and provides coworkers and the public with clear, insightful product information.


Vanco Unveils Versatile Outdoor Speaker Kit with Landscape Subwoofer

Vanco International LLC has launched the LSKIT-BSC Beale Street Audio Outdoor Speaker Kit, designed for both commercial and residential use in outdoor settings such as dining areas, beer gardens, patios, and pool decks.