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AVWeek 279: AVNation’s Consolidated Christmas

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It is our annual look back at the year. From security issues to mergers and acquisitions. We talk about the biggest stories of 2016. We also look ahead to 2017. We predict more changes to control, government regulations, OLED, and more.

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Host:Tim Albright


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  1. I have to correct something, and I am doing this from my Harman account. Yes, I am an employee of Harman and want to clarify something as we have AVB products. AVB has varying levels of control, the most common levels of control integrated into AVB are just for stream management.

    Actual control is being multiplexed or included in the network traffic for some products. Not every product supports control over AVB, this includes Harman products as control of the DSP portion of the products is through a separate network connection and interface.

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