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Broad Range of Integrated Snap One Outdoor Solutions Create Exciting New Growth Opportunities for Partners

Snap One, a leading smart-living technology manufacturer and distributor, offers entertainment, connectivity, automation, and security solutions to residential and commercial users worldwide. It provides software, support, and digital workflow tools to help integrators build profitable businesses.

Snap One has introduced a new line of outdoor technologies designed to enhance outdoor living and entertainment experiences. These include weather-resistant audio, lighting, video, security, networking, and control solutions, all designed to work seamlessly together. The offerings include 4K Smart Sunbrite TVs, Episode Radiance and Landscape Speakers, and Araknis and Access Networks Outdoor Access Points, all of which can be integrated and controlled via the Control4 automation system.

Homeowners are increasingly interested in outdoor entertainment, and Snap One aims to capitalize on this trend by providing integrators with comprehensive, high-quality, and easily manageable outdoor technology solutions. This helps integrators meet customer demands, create cohesive outdoor environments, and potentially increase their revenue through a one-stop shop for all outdoor tech needs.

Homeowners across the country are more passionate than ever about entertaining in the great outdoors. The latest line of outdoor technologies from Snap One, an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of smart-living technology for Partners and consumers, makes it easier than ever for Partners to deliver enjoyable outdoor experiences by offering a full breadth of award winning weather-friendly audio, lighting, video, security, networking and control solutions that in turn create an exciting new opportunity for Partner growth.

“From seamless Wi-Fi 6 for fast internet, even outside, and visual surveillance of the outdoor space to high-fidelity audio and high-quality video, the unique and integrated outdoor options at Snap One run the gamut yet work as one cohesive, easily managed system,” said Snap One SVP Product Marketing, Eric Harper.

Snap One has designed highly customizable outdoor solutions including 4K Smart Sunbrite TVs built for the outdoors, the world’s first combined speaker and lighting over a single two-conductor, Episode Radiance and Landscape Speakers, as well as Araknis and Access Networks Outdoor Access Points, to help integrators seize opportunities in the outdoor residential and commercial market as the weather grows warmer. These outdoor solutions enable integrators to install efficient, quality solutions with ease of installation features, robust product quality, interoperability and enough variety to meet a spectrum of project types and budgets.

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“At Snap One, we want to emphasize that the experience you can get inside a home, restaurant, or business, can be easily extended to outdoor spaces, without having to compromise the quality and level of enjoyment of indoor entertainment and experiences,” Harper emphasized. “We know that our customers like spending time outside and we’ve created a whole category of products designed to enhance their outdoor tech experiences.”

Designed to work “Better Together,” Snap One’s integration-friendly, interoperable technologies streamline and simplify outdoor projects for Partners and empower them with systems they can install with confidence and exceed customer expectations. Instead of shopping and specifying products from multiple third-party manufacturers, systems integrators can obtain everything they need from Snap One to create inviting, personalized, user-friendly, high-performance outdoor living spaces. Partners can unify the management and control of these products via a Control4 automation system, generating additional revenue for their businesses and elevating the user experience for their residential and commercial customers.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Sunbrite has long been a trusted premium outdoor TV solution for integrators and consumers alike thanks to its durable design built to withstand the elements and install friendly features that make the setup and troubleshooting a breeze.

“We’re excited to hit the ground running this spring and to meet the demands and enthusiasm of our customers when it comes to outdoor living and entertainment,” added Harper. “With our range of flexible, unique products that cover all categories from audio and lighting to networking and control, we’re confident that we offer Partners and customers alike everything they need.”

Snap One is also offering Partners useful perks including access to practical customer-facing literature, technical training, and an updated Partner Rewards program.


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