Friday, July 12, 2024
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AVWeek 612: Enough To Be Dangerous

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Whether you’re back from parts unknown or just sitting around waiting for the inevitable trek to Orlando for InfoComm, we are here to cover the latest news from the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us to discuss those stories is Atlona’s Director of Marketing Garth Lobban, Principal for SUUSCONNECT Suleyman Usman and Integrated Systems Design Partner for Kirkegaard Bren Walker.

Audinate unveiled their new API for the Dante Domain Manager. This upgrade provides a wide array of options for software developers and integrators to work with Dante control systems. They also became a Technology Partner with Amazon Web Services, allowing AWS services to be integrated with Dante. We look at what this does for those everyday users as well as the programmers and integrators putting these systems together.

We next discuss the importance of using commercial-grade products in commercial projects. It sounds redundant, but there have been plenty of times that a customer has seen what looks like the same products in a consumer-grade store and wondered why they couldn’t just opt for that. It may be tempting to use those solutions to cut on costs, but it almost always costs more in the long run. How can we showcase that commercial-grade products are essential for a professional job?

LG announced their latest range of business solution monitors, providing IT professionals some leeway in flexibility. They have developed different unique monitor solutions for many different applications due to the changing nature of remote work spaces. Since we are talking about solutions for remote and hybrid working, the conversation lends itself to BYOD or “bring your own devices” solutions.

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