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ResiWeek 380: Eyes Wide Open

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This Is (Probably) Fine

There’s never been a better time to get into AV! Join us as we look at the latest news and stories for the residential side of the industry. Joining us to do just that is “The Dude” from Just Add Power Taft Stricklin, Control Concepts’ Client Success Manager Brittany DiCesare and Software Development Manager for BlackWire Designs Seth Johnson.

We open with just a quick reminder that CEDIA has opened the nominations for their 2023 Lifetime Achievement and Manufacturer Product Awards. Refrain from trying to enter Matt, he may be “A Solid 45” but he’s not nearly old enough to be accepting that kind of award.

Our real first story is the analysis of Garrett Integrated Systems’ acquisition of The Loop Technologies. CE Pro looks at each company and the circumstances that led to this purchase, including how this buyout represents an exit strategy for Loop Techologies’ founder. We take a step back in our discussion and look at what a solid exit strategy for any integrator looks like and if that requires something like this acquisition when it’s time to move on.

Snap One has opened a new co-headquarters in Utah. This five-story complex is meant to affirm their commitment to their dealer partners, featuring an Innovation Center, test areas and training facilities. It features an anechoic and RF chamber that only slightly resembles a kind of “hidden temple” deathtrap room. Is this a big move for Snap, or just a bit of flaunting? We look at what this means for both Snap One and their dealer partners.

Finally, we ask a simple question: Is your company ready for a recession? We’ve heard the term being thrown around a lot in the past year or two, and regardless of what we’re actually calling it there is a downturn in the economy expected. How can integrators be prepared for what’s coming down the road?

Host: Matt Scott
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