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Connected! 38: On The Road Again

Knock On Wood

We are coming back to some sense of normalcy. Higher education is adopting hybrid learning processes to teach both online and in person, events are coming back in the physical space, and more. Businesses and consumers have been forced to learn more than they thought they would ever know about unified communications, but now that things are clearing up, what’s going to happen to those solutions? On this episode of Connected we are joined by Cofounder of eViRa Health Evan Kirstel, CEO of United State Distance Learning Association Reggie Smith, Principal Analyst for Creative Strategies Carolina Milanesi, Director of Learning Environment for the University of Southern California Joe Way and CEDIA Group Vice President Jason McGraw to discuss what’s in store for the UC space as we return to spaces previously left behind.

  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.  
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