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DIY 24 – Making to add life to their days

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The story of Ladybug House

Join hosts Bennett Harris and Tim Gray as they lead a discussion with the folks building Ladybug House, a palliative care home for children that will include a legacy makerspace. They also learn that crowd funding isn’t the only answer for funding for these kinds or projects. Enter Moneyclouds, a new kind of money saving and money sharing app.

Hosts: Tim Gray, Bennett Harris

Special Guests

Suzanne Corey Gwynn: Founder (Ladybug House)
Carly Andrews : Operations Manager (Ladybug House)


Caitlin Foster: Director of Community Development (Money Clouds)
Jaison Green: Director of Product Development (Mondy Clouds)


Funding for the $45 in 45 days campaign for Ladybug House


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