Thursday, December 7, 2023
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ResiWeek 252: Work On, Not In

The Sky Is (Not) Falling

Gee Matt, how come you get two Thanksgivings? While we would like to muse on the proliferation of stuffing varieties, we’re here to discuss the latest news coming out of the residential side of AV. With us to make that journey is Executive Editor of Residential Tech Today Jeremy Glowacki and Senior Director of Global Training for Atlona Ken Eagle.

Back in February it was announced that Jeff Goldstein had rejoined Sony as Head of Sales for the Custom Installation Channel. In a recent interview with Residential System, he discussed Sony’s commitment to the CI channel. What does it mean for manufacturers to get involved in this space like this? What does it mean for the industry? Looking at the relationship between manfacturer and integrator in the CI channel.

We have discussed multiple times the ever evolving rate of technology leading to making customers more aware of cybersecurity and keeping your solutions safe. However, it’s been said that it’s not a matter of if but when a system is cracked. Should integrators consider adding a cybersecurity insurance plan? Is there a responsibility or even liability with cybersecurity risks? We discuss how to approach that conversation with your clients.

Even with Black Friday complete and Cyber Monday in our proverbial rear window, we are just getting into the holiday season. As crazy as 2020 has been, things will get hectic. What can we do to get ready for the battle that is next week? We take a look at an article by friend of the show Henry Clifford and talk about finding the time to prepare for the days ahead.

Host: Matt Scott

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