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ResiWeek 350: It’s Nostalgia

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Pat Yourselves On The Back

Whether it’s the bash brothers, bosom buddies or whatever alliteration Matt has in store for his guests (it’s a wonder we retain any!) we are here to bring you the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. We are joined this week by President of the Source Home Theater Todd Anthony Puma and President of Home Theater Advisors Mark Feinberg.

We start off with a quick discussion of Samsung, who has announced they are committed to become 100% Carbon Neutral by 2050. Sustainability and environmental AV has been an important point for manufacturers in recent years. While this is a noble effort, it still feels a bit off setting something like this up this far away from the goal. Does ‘Green AV’ sway customers in away which way?

Dennis Holzer of the Powerhouse Alliance writes for Residential Systems talking about Growing Your Business On Purpose. It sounds like some obvious advice, but running and maintaining a business requires more than just bodies on the clock. He sticks to three points of attitude and outlook, fulfilling the needs of your team, and not being afraid to be choosy with your clients. How can integrators ensure these tenets to get your business on a good track?

Mitchell Acoustics is bringing their previously UK exclusive wireless audio to the US. Was this an easy pick just because their name happens to be shared with our producer? Who can really say! Wireless audio already has plenty of big names to contend with, especially in the North American market. Does this solution have a chance to stand out? Looking at what it means for a company to expand their products globally. Also, because there are turntables involved someone has to start breaking out the vinyl.

Host: Matt Scott
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  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.


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