Thursday, December 7, 2023
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ResiWeek 365: Tackling Ad hoc

When STUFF Happens

While our dastardly editor has absconded to Barcelona for some particular reason, Matt is left holding the bag. But regardless of international trade shows, news doesn’t stop. That’s why we’re here to discuss the latest stories coming out of the residential side. We are joined by AVWeek host Tim Albright and Founder of Home Theater Advisors Mark Feinberg.

Lightapalooza is coming back in 2023, and set to feature over 60 hours of lighting training. As the name would imply, the show started last year as a three-day education conference for technology specialists looking into lighting design. This show is the brainchild of the Home Technology Specialists of America, or HTSA, and now expanding further. We discuss the importance of the lighting space for integrators and how they can learn the value of this vertical.

Hive mind is a hard to thing to praise, but when it comes to a company being on the same page is a good way to run things. It’s no wonder that Henry Clifford would have to consider how to tap into your company’s “hive mind”. And surprsingly for our show, Henry is nowhere to be found when his article shows up. He covers the concept of having an all-hands meeting to get feedback on a full level through the company. For those that dread meetings, this sound nightmarish, but is it a successful plan that other businesses could emulate? We discuss determining the frequency of all-hands meetings like this and their return on investment.

And now, despite not being Halloween, something of a terryifying tale for any integrator: When Building Automation Systems Go Awry. What started as an attempt for an energy-saving lighting system in a Massachusetts school quickly turned into a nightmare as the lights simply would not shut off. The software failure was a domino effect that ended with a seemingly eternal light. We discuss how to protect clients against issues potentially against our control.

Host: Matt Scott
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