Friday, December 8, 2023
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ResiWeek 369: All About Presentation

Lightbulb Moment

Do not panic that March is already upon us. Instead, be prepared for the future with the latest news and information regarding the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Founder of KMB Communications Katye McGregor-Bennett and CEO & Founder of Jetbuilt Paul Dexter.

CE Pro asks a question before answering it. “Is your business full protected? Probably not.” when it comes to a systems performance, integrators need to know where liability falls in the event of a issues like hacking or failures. And since Matt comes from a litigious lineage, he’ll have plenty to say about the matter. Are you keeping up with your terms and conditions to keep your business protected?

Jetbuilt announced their intent to expand globally. While this article makes it sound like it’s a recent development, they’re been working on the global space for a few years now. Since he happen to have their CEO on the show, we ask the effects of this initiative and what it means for companies to grow in such a manner.

Last week was the second Lightapalooza, understandably all about the lighting space. To demonstrate the power of their lighting systems and their importance to the home, Lutron set up a tiny home near the show. It seems like when it comes to demonstrations, time is a flat circle. Demo rooms are dead, then they’re the most important thing. How can we convey the importance of what we do and can do for clients’ homes?

Host: Matt Scott
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