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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Vaddio hits the classroom at NAB

Vaddio Showcases New Classroom Studio solution at NAB

Eden Prairie, MN (April 2, 2018) – Vaddio is joining with Cattura at NAB 2018 to showcase how Vaddio AV Bridge™ switchers and RoboSHOT® cameras connect with Cattura CaptureCast devices to deliver professional quality, easy-to-use recording studios for higher education.
End-to-end solution
Cattura’s multi-source and multi-room recorder gathers content from all relevant content sources and then records or streams to applications like Kaltura, Opencast, Panopto, YouTube and more. When paired with RoboSHOT cameras and the AV Bridge MATRIX PRO presentation switcher, end users can create live audio and video captures of classroom interactions. When a PC is connected to the AV Bridge MATRIX PRO with USB, end users can bring remote classrooms into the learning environment using soft conferencing programs like Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom.
“Vaddio and Cattura integrate with a wide range of publishers to create a truly end-to-end solution,” said Justin McCutcheon, President of Cattura. “Workflow automation and intuitive scheduling templates simplify the management of even large-scale video systems.”
The classroom recording studio is well-suited for applications including mobile lecture capture for higher education, recording large corporate events, and house of worship venues.
The recording studio solution combines a Vaddio AV Bridge MATRIX PRO switcher, Cattura CaptureCast, Vaddio RoboSHOT PTZ cameras, Middle Atlantic RFR series mobile rack, and Shure wireless microphones that can be used in a host of applications including live production, automated presentation, and unified conferencing and collaboration.
“When combining the presentation switching capabilities of the MATRIX PRO with the recording functions of the CaptureCast, we are offering the ability to have fully automated presentations for our higher education customers,” said Rob Viren, Vaddio Product Manager. “With presentation triggers and automation macros available on the MATRIX PRO, the instructor doesn’t have to worry about manually switching from camera to camera, or camera to PowerPoint. Combine that with the scheduled recording and streaming with CaptureCast, we can truly deliver high quality production events, without repetitive setup activities or administrative management.”
Simple to operate
“Because Vaddio and Cattura focus on delivering products that are easy to use, IT staff can create first-rate content without extensive training,” Viren said. “The simplicity of the system is also advantageous for instructors who may be hesitant to use in-room technology. With the automated setup, AV Bridge MATRIX PRO, RoboSHOT cameras and CaptureCast just need to be powered on and the pre-programmed macros take over once the class is scheduled to begin recording.”
The AV Bridge MATRIX PRO combines audio and video mixing functionality into a single appliance. It provides a simple way to add multiple cameras, microphones and other AV devices to a classroom. It then manages the complex process of mixing, switching and controlling those devices into a single USB or HDMI stream. Vaddio products are manufactured in the United States and carry a two-year standard warranty. For more information, visit www.vaddio.com.


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