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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Day Two. My First InfoComm: Confessions of an End-User

Yesterday was full of meetings, new products and networking. I was so exhausted from all the excitement, and of course the AVNation Tweetup Party (sponsored by Starin), that I find myself writing my recap the day after. On Wednesday, I got to see some amazing things on the show floor. There was a custom cut out digital display, a cool digital whiteboard, water resistant display panels, and discussions on what’s new in the AV industry.

XO Panel by Huasuny’s

I walked down the aisles of the exhibit halls and I saw inspiration everywhere. I want to create an interactive, life size board game where the players are the pieces and we use digital floor panels to be the ever change gameboard. I want to host meetings with larger than life interactive whiteboards. I want to build escape rooms where the room is made of digital panels that are ever changing pieces of the puzzle.

Being around all these products I have so many new ideas come to me and I see so many ways it can be executed. I have this awe and excitement for the future that reminds me, in a way, of Disneyland. For the right person, InfoComm is this bright, shiny, digital candy shop and we are all the kids with a sugar craving. Some of this candy is available now, some is just a glimpse of the future yet to come.
The evening closed with the AVNation Tweetup. And it was a blast. Of course, I’m a little biased as I was in charge of running this particular event. Turnout was fantastic, and I’m sure that wasn’t just because of the open bar. Often when working at an event I rarely get to connect with my industry friends or meet new people who share our passion. Those connections come in quick moments, passing in the hallway or grabbing a coffee. So, I can appreciate an event like the Tweetup, an opportunity for colleagues to catch up, share stories and laugh about the day. It’s the community here at InfoComm that really impresses me. I’m glad I have had the opportunity to witness it all first hand. What a day.
Next up: Day 3…


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