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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Key Digital unveils configurator

Key Digital’s networked unit management PC software for end-users

MOUNT VERNON, NY – Key Digital, Inc. – November 16, 2018 – KDMS is a powerful free PC based software designed specifically for end-users to integrate and manage IP enabled Key Digital products including Enterprise AV over IP Solutions.
KDMS is a PC software signal management tool. KDMS supports multiple Key Digital units and systems on the same network and has a user-friendly control GUI for compatible Key Digital systems. With KDMS users can manage video and audio routing, volume levels, video walls and more for Enterprise AV over IP, HDMI and HDBaseT matrix switchers, audio matrix switchers, presentation switchers, video wall processors, and multi-viewers.
“One of the great advantages is that KDMS has been around for a while and we’ve actually been using this same thought process and the same solution inside all of our IP enabled products under the Key Digital App. Our app has been very successful in allowing control of all Key Digital network devices right from an iOS product. With this next generation launch, everything is operational from any Windows device. Now you could have a computer for administrator mode and you can have front panel control of your Key Digital item an iOS product or from a Windows product. It could be a surface tablet or it could be any other PC in the building. It’s a really progressive software, and you can see what it’s like to control a multiview and Enterprise AV over IP system, video walls, presentation switchers, and more!” said Jonathon Ferry, National Training Manager for Key Digital. “It’s so simple for end-users to use. With KDMS you choose your desired device to bring up a pre-built GUI that gives you exactly what you need for your user friendly graphical interface. With that you can manage your key digital video routing switching and distribution system from a centralized PC with ease.”


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