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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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AV Storage in a Shrinking World

Hiding AV in plain sigh

Sponsored post by Chief

Seems like everything is getting smaller these days. What used to take 4RU space can now be easily stored behind a display. It’s becoming an increasing practice to have supporting equipment close to the location it is used, instead of in a rack room. To help support this movement, Chief has developed several storage accessories that keep AV equipment close, yet out of the way.

For huddle spaces and small conference rooms with a table, the CSPH Component Storage Panel proves under-table storage. With over 350 square inches of secure attachment area, it’s perfect for ensuring efficient and consistent component placement over large rollouts because it allows installers to populate the panel easily at an on-site or off-site staging area (instead of under each desk) and, once installed, the CSPH pivots 90° to allow access in vertical position (instead of fighting gravity). There are 1/3 and 2/3 breakaways in case less space is required, and because the brackets are also sold separately, none of the product goes to waste.

When you don’t need the amount of space in-wall storage can provide, the handy CSPR Component Storage Panel has more than 160 square inches (1032 square centimeters) of secure attachment area for AV equipment independent of display mounts. It fits nicely behind a Fusion wall mount. A handle provides easier access while securing equipment and installing. Technicians can remove the Component Storage Panel to service equipment without removing the display. Ideal for standardizing the deployment of AV component configuration across large projects. 

Smaller options now available include the CSMP9x12 Component Storage Panel, Interface, a universal component storage panel that supports devices and components near displays in a variety of orientations depending on install preferences.

The CSSMP15x10 Component Storage Panel, Sliding, installs either on-wall or attached to Fusion mount extrusions. A slide-out feature improves ease of access to components stored behind a display. This includes a removable Lever Lock™ panel designed by Middle Atlantic for the ability to pre-populate components off site when performing enterprise-wide deployments.

With all these solutions from Chief, keeping today’s smaller AV equipment where it’s needed is a breeze.


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